Monday, June 17, 2013

Licensed to DRIVE!!

I am a licensed Sister, Wahoo!
I PASSED!!! I GOT MY LICENCE!! THANK YOU Young Women FOR THE PRAYERS AND EVERYONE ELSE. I really appreciate it. It has been a very busy week with my license test, mini-missionary, 2 exchanges. It has been amazing though! :)

Okay so this week has been awesome. So let me just start out with G. She is amazing. She is an investigator  I remembered going to last year. I remembered where she lived and her name. I know it wasn't a coincidence I remembered. I know the Lord was doing his work. She is so solid. We went over to have a lesson with her. We had Natalie who is a Recent Convert of a year come on a mini-mission. (Where they come and live with the missionaries for a few days, and live life as a missionary) Natalie was perfect for her. They have a lot of similarities with how they found the church and how they feel about God. G, loved the lesson about the Restoration. We set a baptismal date with her, for the 29th of June and she said yes!! She has some mental health problems/schizophrenia so we were shocked with her answer. How fast she said yes. She said later on that she is afraid of water but that won’t stop her :)  ...the next time that we saw her we gave her and websites to look at. She told us she looked at the whole website and read every page. She has started to write happier poems. She used to write depressing sad poems but now she feels happy, so she wants to write happier as well :) We watched the Restoration DVD 20min, she loved it! She couldn't stop watching, which is rare for her with some of her health problems. We started to schedule a baptismal calendar where we can write what lessons we will be teaching so she can study before hand. We gave her a child picture book of the Book of Mormon because we didn't have a BIG print Book of Mormon. She was so excited to read it and watch the movie again. We received at text an hour later saying she has read the whole book. Front to back, she couldn't put it down. She was so happy.

G was able to make it to church on Sunday. She absolutely loved it! She told her family that she was going to get baptized in the church. Her mother said she was going to disown her, but she doesn't care. She wants to do what's best for her. What will make her happy? Learning about the Gospel is what is making her happy! She said after we left her house she looked up all of the lessons  we were going to teach her in the next 2 weeks and she studied. She had a question about coffee and tea but we told her why and she said. "Oh that makes sense" We had to change her date to a day earlier but she is legend!!  In Relief Society the lesson was on tithing. She leaned over to me and asked what 10% of £200 is? I told her and she was like. I will pay my tithing. It is important!! :)  ...Later on that evening we called her, and she answered!! (She usually doesn't answer phone calls because she gets nervous but she is feeling brave.) She is doing so well. She told us after church she received the Gospel principles manual and she read the WHOLE book and now is on page 15 of the Book of Mormon. She changed her music to happy, uplifting music. She called her family to tell them about her experience at church!! She is solid! We are so lucky to have her. I am so grateful that I followed the prompting to go see her, to remember where she lives. She was searching, she was praying, she needed help to feel loved. God loves her so much, and just wants her to be happy and she feels that. She is writing a poem about us this week and I am so excited to hear it. I love her and I know we are so lucky to have her as an investigator. But I am just so excited about the change going on with her. She is so happy and is changing for the better. To be able to see the change that has happened in a week is incredible! :)

This week we had Natalie, the mini-missionary. She is amazing. We had a really good time with her. She is amazing and has an amazing testimony. She wants to serve a mission and will do great. She was with us for 3 days.

This next week will be good as well. Another busy week with exchanges, but it is fun. And I get to see my girl sister Koons I am so excited to see her I miss her so much!!

Just a reminder!!! I haven't received any post since March so I feel like everyone is waiting until I get home...but I still am out. Don't forget about me!! :) thanks.

I love you all thank you for all that you do! I am so grateful to have you as my family!
Watch out England Rylee is licensed to drive!!

Stuffing their faces

Exchanges - love them

Natalie - helping out for 3 days

Teaching an investigator 

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  1. Congrats Riley on the license! It is fun to read her blog and hear of her missionary adventures.