Monday, July 1, 2013

Amazing Week

This week has been absolutely amazing!! I have loved it. We went to a really cute cottage thing Sister Laborero took me to. She is a love she is taking me to fun places and trying to make my last 6 weeks fun before I go home, :) which is really sweet of her.  We had 3 exchanges this week. It was really fun. We had the sisters come to our area so we could work in our area and get some of our investigators taught, since we are always gone from our area.  It worked out really well. We had some fun times singing and tracting and working with the girls. I loved it. It is stressful but not as much when they come to our area because we know what we are doing.

G got baptized. It was the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed. Ok, so she is deathly afraid of water.  She has been practicing dunking her head in water to help her get over the fear. As the day closely approached she was getting more nervous, but she had some comforting words from her grandma. The beginning of the baptism went well, and then when it was her time to go to the font she got nervous. We previously had asked the ward mission leader to fill the font high because she is 5'8 and she can’t bend back far. But when she got into the font the water came up to her knee’s....we were nervous. She said “I can’t do this..." which got us nervous because we knew she could. She told us her fear wasn’t going to get the best of her. Before we knew it she was starting to sit in the font and plug her nose. I told her “ G he has to say the prayer first." so she waited in the font and Elder Nelson who baptized her and did a great job! :) She was so happy!! She came out and said "I feel so good!! :) " you could not wipe that smile off her face. She said “I conquered my fear, I can do anything!!" how cute is she! :) I am so happy for her. She did a great job!

The next day we went to Gloucester. A's baptism was great. She was so happy. Elder Chardon was supposed to come down to baptize her but president didn't give him permission. This was really sad. They both cried! But Elder Poulsen, Chardon's baby baptized her. She was so excited. She had family and friends there. She was jumping in the font. “I feel fresh and clean." she is so sweet. I am so excited with both of these lovely ladies getting baptized and making their way closer to our Savior it makes me so happy to be a part of it. They both have taught me so much. I think it is funny, I think on my mission I have learned a lot from my investigators and the faith they have. They all have taught me so much!

S is doing well also. He had his baptism interview this week and passed. He doesn't have a date yet. (This probably sounds weird but...That's S) He said”his baptism is like the 2nd coming everyone knows it will happen, just don't know when".  He has such a strong testimony it showed him he can get baptized. He really wants to as well. I think he is closer than he thinks he is. But everything is going well. :)

I love being a missionary, I love my Savior and all he has done for me and you, I love my investigators, I love my companions, and my friends and home and friends on the mission, and I love you!! Have a great day :)
Wonderful baptism day!

Another Beautiful baptism day!!  Loving it

Visiting the cottage

Yummy - Ice Cream

The Cottage

The BIG Hike - Oh my!!

Taking a rest on the big hike

Rylee and her amazing companion

Hiking and Hike - walking the walk!


Rylee Dying!!
Crab crawling down - ha ha
Jumping for Joy


  1. Sister Nelson,
    My daughter received her call yesterday (July 24th, 2014) to the England Birmingham Mission. She reports December 4th. Now that the call has set in, I am starting to panic about what to pack for her. We are from Las we don't know how to pack for cold or wet. What sorts of things made a difference to you? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! (And Welcome home!)

  2. I just heard from my Missionary this week. She says you are her "great great great great grandma" or something like that. She saw a list of who you trained, who they trained and so on...until she was trained. I thought that was pretty cool. She asked me to tell you, your work continues! :)

  3. Oh that is awesome!! I hope she is enjoying the mission and things are going well for her. Thank you for sharing with me! :)