Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Flying By!!!

Time is Flying by!!!
This week has been pretty good. We had an exchange in Swindon it was pretty fun. Found some cool people. Had some miracles!! Met this really funny man D he was talking to us at the doorstep for 15 min. then his wife came and looked at us kind of mean, and he pushed her away and said "don't worry honey, they're not Mormons" then we just looked at him and smiled and said. Actually we are. That's our nickname because we read the Book of Mormon He just laughed and continued to talk with us. He is really cool and they have a return appointment with him. :)

We had a picnic with G and R and N at this really pretty park with a castle. It was fun we are going to do it again. It’s weird. Everyone continues to remind me on a daily basis how long I have left its funny. I will miss everyone here, especially all the people we visit. We were able to help R write his talk.  He spoke on Sunday and did a great job. He wrote most of it himself. :) He did really well. He had a lot of compliments.

We worked a lot in Abergavenny. It is gorgeous. It is the furthest our area goes. We found some good people, had a dad was upset us out for talking to his daughter. Who is 19, and accused us of stalking her when we made an appointment!

But S the lady who was a media referral, we tried to see her but she went into the hospital because she had an eye infection. But her mum was really sweet. We stopped by a lady in Beacon Heights who we taught last year. The elders asked us to stop by, because she asked if we could. She has changed a lot it was really nice to see her. She is going through a rough time she just lost her father. But she knows she can always count on the missionaries for help. We are going to do some gardening for her as well. So yes mom!! I am going to be a pro by the time I get home :)

This week has been good. This next week will be busy. We have 2 exchanges and zone conference and Sister Laborero and I are both giving our departing testimonies!!!  Weird!!!! Time is flying by!!!
Smiley in the grass

Having a picnic

Rylee eating a  "ice lolly"

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