Monday, July 15, 2013


WOW, It is going fast

So this week was good but sad at the same time. To put it out there first S didn't get baptized...
 At the beginning of the week we went to a Caerphilly Castle. It was beautiful. Well, I have seen some prettier ones but this one had a lot of history. There was a film about the castle, it was playing while we were walking through and it gave the history. It was really fun. We had some good lessons. We are teaching this sweet lady. She has been through a lot lately. She had a stroke and was in a coma for 9 months. She had to learn how to walk and talk again. So she is slow in speech, but she is so lovely. She has a very strong testimony. So we are trying to work on helping her to be baptized. She really wants to. So I will keep you updated on her. But she is awesome! We also saw C, who is an eternal investigator. He is doing well. He said he is going to get baptized this year. He has never said this before. But it was funny he was asking about S and wanted to know what his hold up is. They are very similar so it is funny! One day they both will get baptized they just need to take a leap of faith. They both have such amazing solid testimonies. We had a good lesson with G as well. He is an interesting character. But he is good; he is more of a spiritualist. But he is really good, he is funny. Hopefully we will have more to talk about him next week. 

We also did service this week. It was legend. We were able to get the whole district to come and do service for this amazing family. It is a young couple they have 4 kids (5) (2) and (9month old twins) We were able to get her whole back garden all done and it looked beautiful. I think after my mission I will love doing gardening because on my mission well, just in Brittan everyone has beautiful gardens. It is there prized possession. I love it!! :)

OH MY GOSH!!!  We had a miracle.!! :) Seriously. So we received a media referral: which is a referral from the computer, or temple square and they text you the details because they want video's or a mission visit. Sometimes they are solid sometimes they just flog you and give a fake address. I have only received 3 on my mission. And we received one last week. We were making cookies and took them over with the video's she wanted. Her husband answered. So we thought we would come back again and see if she would like to learn more. We came to the door and she was so happy to see us. She said she watched all the video's (Finding Faith in Christ, Restoration) She said they were amazing videos and really wants to learn more :) I am so excited to go see her this week.  OH MY GOSH!!  Another one! :) So we were trying to find this media referral last week and for some reason the map found a different address. So we went and knocked on it anyway. They lady answered was really sweet and she just reaffirmed the person didn't live there. We walked away from the door and I felt like I knew her. This week I asked if we could go and knock her door again. I don't know why but I feel like we should. We knocked and her daughter answered the door. She said she was atheist. But then we asked a question (I don't remember what it was) but she said yeah I want to learn more about Jesus. She is so elect. She is probably 19 yrs. old. She is so sweet. I am so excited!! I love when you have a spiritual prompting to do something and you act on it. It just reaffirms my testimony of the Holy Ghost and this work. I know when you act on spiritual promptings weather it feels stupid at the time (like bearing your testimony) calling someone who has been on your mind lately. You could answer someone's prayers. You are also showing Heavenly Father you will act on them. He will trust you with more things, to be the vessel He needs us to be to help those of his children.

Also....there is one more. It shocks me so much. Because we are so busy!! But yet we see miracles everyday almost. :) I love it!! Heavenly Father defiantly is blessing us, even though we feel so busy sometimes. We still find time to find elect people. We received a list of members who have moved in or out and we have to go stop by them and see if they still live there and if they are interested in visits. So we chose this one house that had 2 members that lived there. A man answered the door. He wasn't receptive really at the beginning but then he took it as a sign that he lives in a house that old members of the church used to live. They stopped by (we) maybe he should look into it. :) We are going to see him next week! :)

Fun week!! Busy week!! I love it! Love you, thanks for all that you do!!
Caerphilly Castle

Rylee and her companion

Rylee playing at the castle

Having fun

Exchanges for the week - Love Sister Missionaries

Exchanges - Cute Sister Missionaries

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