Monday, August 5, 2013

An Amazing Last week!

An Amazing Last Week!!
This is so weird; this is my last email ever on my mission as Sister Nelson. I hope to serve one with my husband one day. Don't get me wrong :) I woke up this morning a little bit before the alarm went off and I got a little anxious. Who knew coming home seeing your loving family I would be nervous and anxious :) I am excited though.

Oh my gosh guys this week has been pretty cool. We had the most amazing miracle EVER!! :) But to start the week off we had so many DA's. We had 2 days of double DA's SOOO FULLLL!!!! One of the recent converts invited us over for lunch. It was great. Her mum has never let missionaries in her house before. So this was a big step. We had a great time with her and were able to talk about the gospel. She is so sweet. It’s just the beginning of her journey. Her daughter has decided to go on a mission. So I think it will be good for her mum to know what she will be doing and she will be protected. The next day we had a Double DA. We had an English breakfast and I tried black pudding. I was glad I got to try it before I came home. It was interesting. It actually didn't taste too bad, just the color....BLACK  eew!!! It had a lot of seasoning to it. But I couldn't get over knowing it is blood....eew.

Here is the craziest day. MIRACLE!! So we had district mtg. My last one! Then we saw a few people. Went and saw S. When we got there he was really happy. He always does this thing where he finds something new to talk about or to ask questions. But he himself doesn't believe in it. So, today the topic was reincarnation, random. We started talking about it. Then we asked him if he believes in it. He said "No" then we talked about baptism. He wants to get baptized. He is just beating around the bush. "I wanted to get baptized before Sis. Nelson left. But now I can't." We asked him, do you know this church is true? "Yes" then what are you waiting for. After 16 Months of investigating, he's received answers to his prayers; he's had it confirmed to him. Then Sis. Laborero said get baptized on Monday. He said "no, I don't like Monday's, I only like Thursdays. He looked at me, and the date came into my head. I said well S, guess what, its Thursday today. Your favorite day...His face just smiled. He knows he wouldn't get baptized if he didn't do it now. He said earlier he was going to stop seeing the missionaries after we left because he already knows everything. Sister Laborero put her hand out and said "S grab my hand we can go to the church right now and you can get baptized." his face was glowing. Then he grabbed her hand. I couldn't believe this was happening. He was an eternal investigator had 2 baptismal dates and now...he is doing it. I knew it was happening when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver dollar and put it in my hand and said. “I never take this out of my pocket. It’s my good luck" he placed it in my hand and he was smiling from ear to ear. He went and got changed as Sis. Laborero called President, Bishop, and some other people. This is just what he wanted, very small and quiet. So we got him to the church. The elders filled up the font and we went to dinner while it was waiting so it wouldn't stress him out. At dinner we bought him food and he tried all new things. He said I feel very confident right now. :) He was so excited. The baptism went great. On the way home he said "one down, 2 to go. Confirmation and the temple." here is a man in EVERY lesson he will talk about temple marriage and exaltation. It was great. I was so happy for him.

The rest of the week was pretty good. Saw some investigators and Recent converts. I will miss them all so much!! But I will definitely write them and stay in contact with them. On Sunday a few members bore their testimonies and made me cry and then the Bishop stood up and was cheeky and said. "Before there is no more time for Sister Nelson to bare her testimony; we would like her to come up, seeing that it is her last Sunday in this ward and on her mission...." no pressure. I was going to go up anyway. But then I was put on the spot. I am still not good when I am on the spot. I had a lot of things I wanted to say but forgot in the moment. But it was good. :) Earlier in the week we took Gemma to get a dress. She hasn't worn a dress since she was 4 so it was a big deal. After her baptism she said if I can conquer my fear of water and get baptized. Nothing will stop me. We went over early to her house on Sunday to do her make-up because she was going to give her testimony for the first time. She did amazing she wrote a poem. It was weird that it’s going so fast. Your last week of the mission....just flies by!!! And now it is Monday! And I go to the mission home tomorrow. AHHHHH! :) I got my flight plans. I will be tired, but I think the adrenaline will keep me going and I have fun people I am going home with.

Thank you for my email this week. I am excited to see you soon!! :)

love you
-Love Sister Nelson

The Miracle Baptism!!

Gemma and the girls

Saying good-bye