Packing list

As a Sister Missionary, I found it very hard to pack. Here are some ideas that I used on my mission that could help for any sister missionary, especially those going to England.

-I packed many cardigans. They are very easy to layer and to make new outfits. After you are out for a couple weeks you are already tired of your clothes that you wear everyday.

-It is very important to pack leggings/tights. I used them almost everyday. They are very good for layering and to keep warm. But the most important thing is for when you bike or bad weather. You have no control over your skirts, so by wearing leggings it will keep you modest.

-Jackets, I bought a London fog jacket from Macy's. It lasted my whole mission. I used it as my nicer jacket. I bought a lighter rain jacket to wear tracking/biking. With the lighter jackets you can layer more in the winter.

-Hair: I would buy your blow dryer/straightener/curling iron etc in England. The converter can get over heated and turn off before you get done with your hair. They are pretty cheap and you can find them in andy Asda or  Tesco. 

-Foot wear: I bought wellies (rain boots). They are not esential. I used them often but they are very hard to wear biking. I would just stick to boots that you can find at Clarks, or Primark, or any grocery store (Asda/tTesco).

-Luggage: I had a luggage set that had bright polk a dots on it. It was easy to find when I had to put the luggage on the bus or train. I had a large and medium size with a carry on that I bought there. (you collect a lot of things while you are out). I also brought with me a backpack for when I road on the bike. I had a messenger bag that I used the rest of the days. It's easier to hand out passalong cards and Book of Mormons with that kind of bag.

-Study Material: I wish that I brought a small quad. They are very easy to bring with you in your backpack or saddle bag. I would recommend it to use the bible while teaching. It is very important to show that what we are teaching is in the Bible as well in the scripture reading we give the investigators. As well another great idea that I learned in the MTC is to start a scripture code as you highlight your scriptures.

These are some things that helped me on my mission. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment. 



  1. What luggage did you use? What would you recommend? Was it difficult to pack everything you needed and keep it under the weight limit? What would you do differently? Thank you so much for having this blog! It is so helpful to us newbies. ;)

  2. HEY!!! I'm Sister Chen and going to serve in Birmingham Mission this November. Thank you to write this blog!!!!! It's awesome and help me a looooot !!!!